We think maybe, just maybe, Spring is just around the corner. We are gearing up to full-swing for our 2014 season! Mary has already started 275 linear feet of lettuce in the greenhouse which has actually just started coming up (3/24) - she has developed a sourdough starter from the wild yeast right here in our own kitchen - and she has finally convinced me to get these updates done!

Last year's debacle taught me a valuable lesson. I will be diking up the big garden to keep the ditch runoff away, the gardens will higher and well-protected from the possibility of high water.

We anticipate the first of the foraged foods arriving about the third week in April. We will be featuring nettles, trout lilies, ramps and our usual array of wild Spring greens. This year, we are really going to push on dandelion greens. They are healthy, delicious and can be used in a multitude of delicious dishes.

What's new this year? Cardoon! The Cardoon is a thistle-like plant in the same family as the artichoke, which explains why its stalk is so similar in flavor. The cardoon is a very popular ingredient in Mediterranean style cooking, where it is native and has been cultivated since ancient times. We are anxious to see how this does for us. To be able to provide an artichoke-like vegetable to our clients is a wonderful thought!

2014 Season at Kitchen Table CSA

This year, we are taking client reservations by telephone, text and e-mail. Please call 563-568-3829 to sign up - text us anytime at (563) 284-2208 or e-mail staff@kitchentablecsa.com - and do it quickly, we will be starting in 3-4 weeks! Weekly bags are $25 with one dozen fresh organic eggs from Blake Family Organic Farm, a loaf of our own homemade bread (this year, with the occasional sourdough loaf, thanks to my lovely wife!), and a host of fresh fruits and vegetables from our farm and the woodlands around us.

We ask that bags are recycled with us weekly and if you can return the egg cartons, that's helpful, too.

We'll be making calls the next few days to speak with our clients from the past two years. Here's to a great season and great eating! Thanks! - Jeff